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Faye was introduced by social worker Hilary Pugsley to Eddie and Anna in January 2011. Later in the year Faye put on a brave face when the family were moving out of No.6 and into 19a Rosamund Street, however she shared her concerns with Craig and admitted that she was actually sad because she loved their house. Soon after, their son Gary unexpectedly came to live with them after being discharged from the army for assault. Teen actress Ellie is a lot more glamorous than her school-girl Corrie character 19-year-old actress Ellie plays Faye Windass in Coronation Street . At Miley's christening service held during the following month, things got too much for Faye and she ran out of the church. Anna refused to let Faye go on a school trip as Miley had a doctor's appointment, but Tim allowed Faye to go and Anna was furious when she found out. Faye is played by actress Ellie Leach who is 19-years-old. Although Craig tried to convince Faye to tell her mother, she had other ideas and wanted give birth in secret and drop the baby off at Weatherfield General. Anna wanted Faye to have a nice day before delivering the news. When Anna didn't deny it, Faye told Katy's father Owen. She was born in Bury, Greater Manchester and is the cousin of … Faye gave Anna no end of problems as she grew up, being frequently disobedient and prone to telling lies. Tim Metcalfe In October 2016 Faye began dating Seb Franklin, a different boy at her school. Actress Ellie Leach, 19, leads a … The Hodges relocated to Canada, taking Miley with them; although initially they claimed that they were only going away on holiday. The 18-year-old actress headed to the Wh… Shortly after moving in, Faye accompanied Anna on a visit to neighbour Fiz Stape, since Anna was concerned for Chesney [who she had almost become a mother figure to] and his partner Katy Armstrong. Faye had been taken into care earlier in 2011 due to the neglect and abuse she suffered at home. "No Small Parts" takes a look at his rise to fame. Faye went into labour on 3rd April, and although she initially begged Craig not to tell either Anna or Owen, she eventually told him to fetch her mum when the pain was too unbearable. 4. But actress Ellie – who plays Faye in the ITV soap – has suggested that her character won’t be able to cope with her guilty conscience. 24th January 2011 Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She is currently a student at Weatherfield High and works as a waitress at the Viaduct Bistro. Hilary arrived at No.6 and told Eddie and Anna that Faye's birth mother had died from a suspected heroin overdose, asking them to tell Faye. Anna rejected the idea of Miley going to live with the Hodges, but she accompanied Tim on a visit to their house. The actress, who plays Faye Windass on the soap, has jetted off to the Caribbean with Reagan Pettman for some fun in the sun – enjoying cocktails, kissing in … These 2021 Sundance Film Festival headliners became household names thanks to some unforgettable roles early in their careers. Anna subsequently asked Faye if she had told Owen but she furiously denied it. The sleazy businessman, 52, manipulated Faye, 18, into sleeping w… Eddie admitted that he only undertook the adoption process to make Anna happy and didn't want to be a father again, and Anna was hurt that he'd lied. The Hodges defended him when he denied any involvement, which angered Faye. She later named her baby Miley. In November, Faye and Grace forced Simon into one of Amy Barlow's dresses after her mother Tracy asked Faye and Grace to walk Eccles, the Barlows' dog and to look after Amy and Simon. Faye Windass (née Butler) is the daughter of Tim Metcalfe and sister of Gary Windass by adoption. In May 2011, Faye overheard Anna talking to Katy about morning sickness and asked if she was pregnant. She is 12. After this, Faye told Anna about Grace. In October 2020, Scott Emberton held Faye hostage in the Viaduct Bistro alongside her boss Ray Crosby. She stayed again for longer in March 2011 but was annoyed and stormed off when Anna looked through her bag, although Gary managed to convince her that Eddie and Anna were good parents. Ellie Leach, Actress: Coronation Street. As Faye Windass in Corrie Credit: Coronation Street / ITV1. Faye Windass. Faye remained silent, but only confirmed the boy was someone from school and admitted to Anna that she wanted Jackson to like her.

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