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Is it worth upgrading to a shimano a tiagra crankset over the FSA omega that came on my giant defy 3? If the TCR pushed your buttons in a way that the Roubaix didn't, then you bought the right bike and it doesn't really matter what group is on it. Crank - This is the bigger one. Mix. The alloy bikes start at $999 (for the Disc Sora) and top out at $1,599 (for the Disc 105 SE). Is is possible that it could be the frame creaking? Point being, if OP wears out his Tiagra, by that point he'll know whether he wants to go with the same components, or up to 105. Anyway, I've finally bought a bike over the weekend. More than that I wanted to be 11speed compatible. Comparing the two side by side, the Warroad’s 71° head tube angle is just a hair steeper than the 70.75° angle on the Warbird, the Warroad’s chainstays are 15mm shorter (at 415mm vs 430mm), and it has 2mm more bottom bracket drop (at 72mm vs 70mm). Press J to jump to the feed. In the end you will notice. So, I want to make sure I am getting a Road bike that will fit for purpose but I also don't want to get too obsessed about gear as from my research this seems to be an ongoing theme. 10 speed Tiagra STi levers offer improved ergonomics, smoother shifter and lever movement, under-tape cable routing and a more comfortable brake hood. Hey everyone, just want to start by saying thank you to everyone who has recently given me advice. FSA stuff is actually decent, but it's definitely a step down from the Shimano part. Shimano Tiagra Drivetrain The Shimano Tiagra groupset gets a revamp for 2016 in looks, design and technology. Prices start at $1,000 for the aluminum Synapse Disc Sora, jump to $2,000 for the Synapse Carbon 105 (the least-expensive carbon option), and top out at … First ride impressions of new 11-speed alloy drivetrain Shimano 105 will probably become the groupset of choice for mechanical shifting. Ultegra is also available in a ‘cross-friendly 46/36 combo, and Dura-Ace in 55/42t and 54/44t ratios. Is the Shimano 105 REALLY that much better than the Tiagra? To read reviews of the other contenders and the categories tested across road, mountain and … Chain - again ... who cares. October 3, 2020 October 2, 2020 by Andrew Montgomery When it comes to choosing which make and model of gears for your first road bike (or your first ‘proper’ one), there’s a good chance you’ll be deciding between a Shimano Tiagra and a Shimano 105 groupset . Tiagra Brakes Vs 105 & Ultegra. ... Shimano 105 – best value crankset. My gravel frameset from Waltly titanium is arriving in a few days. Its 11 speed and compatible with ultegra and dura ace parts; so i can mix match replacement parts i.e use a DA chain. How To Make Dirt Bikes Street Legal Read More » Share on facebook. The Tiagra requires the use of a 46 to 52 tooth chainring, while the 105 goes up to 53 teeth. Yesterday's Ultegra becomes tomorrow's 105 anyhow. The bike is equipped with a Shimano Tiagra groupset and the big revelation for me was how excellent it has become. I've had a Tiagra for years, and it still works great. I would pay more than that for future proofing of 11 speed. The frame feels compact under the rider and extremely stiff. A subreddit dedicated to the sport of triathlon, and all of its constituent components, quirks, and joys. With regards to weight, IIRC the Ultegra RD is heavier than the 105 one. Is the 300g savings really going to make that much difference in your climbs? One of the most major updates is bringing internal cable routing to the shifters. I just bought a CAAD10 105 showroom floor demo 2 weeks ago. Since 2019, Tiagra has included its own hydraulic disc brakes with levers that resemble those of 105. RS500 is about on par with Tiagra. Don't think of the older Tiagra, this is good stuff. Tiagra and below, despite being perfectly adequate for your first few sportives (probably all your sportives) and for your daily commute, should be eschewed in favour of 105 or Ultegra as soon as your functional threshold power hits 150W. Obviously it will be cheaper, but I'm saying much cheaper -- often times they mark 105 bikes up way more than what the actual 105 components cost over Tiagra. I'm running 3 bikes with it. The chainset features the 4-arm spider bringing it inline with 105, Ultegra and Dura Ace. Which I hear is new for 2016. Both are also great brands. First ride impressions of new 11-speed alloy drivetrain. Shimano Tiagra Vs 105 Vs Ultegra. 0. And if OP's coming from Claris, Tiagra is going to be a big step up and will make him plenty happy. You have a better consistency with braking with hydraulice brakes. Share on pinterest. Ride Quality. I'm not saying people can't tell the difference, but just how "crisp" do your shifts need to be? Go. No, the 105 5800 group is not that much better than the Tiagra 4700 group, and I'm speaking from the point of riding them both this weekend, enough to have an opinion that's fresh. Van Rysel EDR AF 105 — £999.99. Vitus Bikes Zenium Disc – Tiagra 2017 vs Vitus Bikes Zenium VR Disc – 105 2017 Road Bike Comparison. The Cannondale Synapse Carbon 105 SE is one of our Bike of the Year bikes for 2019. Really it comes down to what you need though. I consider pretty much all of my bike components consumable. Reddit by Tia Mozza. My first true road bike was equipped with Tiagra and it served its purpose for a few years until I purchased a carbon frame equipped with 105. The latest Shimano Tiagra … It's massivley appreciated and I always manage to learn from you guys! On entry level bikes, a lot of mfgs skimp and go with cheaper brakes, cassette, chain, and crank. The cost difference between Tiagra and 105 is less than the cost difference between 105 and Ultegra. I think I'll have to think a bit about it and make a decision soon! These replaced the lumpy non-series RS405 option . bikes On entry level bikes, a lot of mfgs skimp and go with cheaper brakes, cassette, chain, and crank. Next GMC Denali Road Bike Review Next. Reply. I decided my next bike should have at least what he has. And the new 105 is almost entirely indistinguishable from Ultegra. Share on reddit. 105 best bang for the buck all the way along with entry level carbon vs alu. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, https://www.trekbikes.com/us/en_US/bikes/road-bikes/performance-road-bikes/domane/domane-al/domane-al-5-disc/p/33086/?colorCode=grey_black. I will say that I never had to upgrade the shifters (though I did to go from 9 speed to 10 speed) or the brakes. 105 is a Shimano racing groupset and tiagra is an entry level groupset. 105 is generally found on bikes priced from £1,250–2,000, although the waters are slightly muddied by whether a bike comes with rim brakes or disc brakes (with the latter tending to bump up the price). If a bikepacking bike is desired, use mountain group parts. I think that's pretty sound logic. I run Ultegra (6900) and 105 (5800) on my geared road bikes and there is very little noticeable difference in use, I would not bother with Ultegra again, but the frame was a nicer colour The entire Tiagra 4700 Groupset is very good. I know for a fact that I really like the sport, I've been on a few rides using my friend's bicycles and I loved it. Shimano Tiagra is a group of about 10 reels in different sizes. Shimano 105 R7000 groupset — everything you need to know. As a beginner cyclist will I tell the difference? I don't care about the extra 1/2 oz weight savings Ultegra might give me, or extra crisp transitions, I care more about how durable the components are in addition to their functionality, because the less time I spend repairing and replacing, the more time I have for better things. But Tiagra is really good so what's better than "really good"? May 2010 edited May 2010 in Road beginners. We'll, I can tell you that my friends Shimano 105, 11 speed "5800" feels much better than my 105 10 speed "5700". Gear, tires, maintenance, nutrition, event fees, etc. Bryn (u/hyuntye) - Reddit in 2020 | Anime, Zelda ... Tia Sharp; 12-year-old took bus with gran's ex-boyfriend ... Reddit Tote Bag for Sale by Tia Mozza. Share on twitter. I'd say there is little in it. If you know you’re going to be on the bike for the foreseeable future than I would spring for the 105. Plus, if you upgrade bikes later, the 105 bike will resell for a lot more than the Tiagra. This will sound completely wrong, but - try electronic! It's a slim difference and preference. Just got road bike for the first time and find the Tiagra brakes rather poor. When comparing Tiagra and 105 derailleurs, cable routing is an often overlooked albeit important feature to consider. I've bought a new Tri bike last year with Ultrgra groupset - to me, I don't see much of a difference. A massive improvement on the first-generation Tiagra I was using in the early 2000s - much lighter, much better looking and much smoother shifting. 105 R7000 cranks are available in 53/39-, 52/36- and 50/34-tooth chainring options. Wear item you'll replace with whatever you want soon enough. Following on from it’s older brothers, it offers clean looks, great shifting and excellent performance. Tiagra and 105’s appearances also differ here, where the 105 … This is coming from a guy that is obsessed with gear, so take it as you will! Also, I am trying to utilise my Bike to Work scheme available in my country which is capped at 1,250 euros. The chainset features the 4-arm spider bringing it inline with 105, Ultegra and Dura Ace. January 2018 edited January 2018 in Road buying advice. Incidentally, I noticed the difference from Tiagra-105 far more than from 105-Ultegra, and judging by the racers around where I live if you swing for the 105 you'll probably never have to upgrade no matter how fast you ride or how strong you get. The CAAD12 105, 105 women’s and both CAAD12 Ultegra models roll on the excellent Mavic Aksium or Aksium Disc wheels. Am I really missing out? Also, it's worth looking at the full groupset on the bike. It's smooth as butter, works every time and the gearing is perfectly matched to the bike. I thought maybe its due to the skinny axle compared to a shimano crankset. I have no regrets. cycling, Press J to jump to the feed. The Tiagra has external cable routing, as opposed to taped-over cables on the 105 derailleur. Shimano Tiagra is a popular groupset on many entry-level road bikes and sits one notch below 105 in the brand’s groupset hierarchy.Tiagra 4700 looks to … bicycles With the new Shimano 105 R7000 you get a good range of gears for both the … I would say that a lot depends on how much you plan to ride and how aggressively. When upgrading i was umming and ahhing about 105 or Tiagra, obviously i went with the 105 for 2 reasons: 1. I would go with 105 just so you are up to 11 speed like the other higher end groupsets. If you enjoyed riding the TCR more then I don't think you would be wrong to go with that over the Roubaix. bicycling So while going from new Tiagra to new 105 may not be worth an upgrade, five year old Tiagra to new 105 will be much more noticeable thanks to the trickle down in tech. Ignorance of higher groupsets is bliss (until he tries his buddy's bike). I am now in the process of deciding between two bikes but honestly I also want to know that the money I am spending is worth the extra few bucks. Definitely not a Cat racer (maybe someday). The front mech sure shifts a whole lot better. I've had Dura-Ace, Ultegra,&105 in the last 20 years, and Shimano has shared much of the high end tech with the Current Tiagra offerings.you won't be dissapointed. If, for example, you can boast a carbon frame hung with tasty Shimano 105, a pair of bog-standard in-house hoops slide into the mix more or less under … 105 R7000 is actually very close to ultegra R8000 in design and function, only a little heavier because of material choice. Is Campagnolo’s new Centaur groupset a Shimano 105 killer? That one speed in the back doesn't make that much difference. The marginal upgrade in performance does not justify the significant higher cost. Tiagra is the next step up, followed by Shimano 105 cyclingweekly.com. Dont worry about disc brakes they just add costs, old style work fine. Shimano Tiagra is a popular groupset on many entry-level road bikes and sits one notch below 105 in the brand’s groupset hierarchy.Tiagra 4700 looks to … Or something like that. Quite a few people I've spoke are split 50/50 on the subject . bikeit! Shimano introduced a new revamped 10 speed Tiagra groupset today bringing their road tech down to a more affordable pricing level. However, the Tektros that are usually substituted aren't exactly bad. The Roubaix is a great bike, but I went with the TCR. My first group was Tiagra and I rode it a lot and pretty hard. 0. I don't think I'll be missing out. I'm sure many of you have seen my posts aboutupgrading my Jamis Nova and asking about bike recommendations. Share on whatsapp. I need to replace my chainset, I had previously had a 105 compact and seeing as tiagra is pretty much half the price is the hit in performance noticeable or is it just a few grams here and there? Shimano Tiagra vs 105: Which One Should I Buy? There is a reason people love to run old Campag still. Thread starter DCLane; Start date 27 Jan 2012; 1; 2; Next. I'm stepping up from a Claris groupset so I don't imagine I'll be disappointed, but I ask out of sheer curiousity. A Shimano Tiagra groupset with 28mm wide Continental tyres are equipment highlights. These are wheels that will give you years of reliable rolling performance and are ideal for all-weather cycling. What am I really missing out on here? ReddIt. Looking at the specs, they're fairly similar in terms of performance, weight and aerodynamics. Both Shimano 105 R7000 and SRAM Rival 22 are 11-speed groupsets, with 11 sprockets on the rear wheel and a double chainset I like the clean shifter cable. The TCR is definitely more aggressive but it really won me over. This year's Tiagra is leaps and bounds above what it was. Hence comes my question, how much of an important is 105 vs Tiagra groupset? Using a 50/34 compact gearing, you can tackle even the steepest climbs with confidence. I have a (last-gen) 10 speed Tiagra bike myself. Getting Tiagra then replacing to 105 as components wear is a very effective strategy. As you want to train for a half Ironmann: take one with the 105. Trending posts and videos related to Cannondale Road Bike! Tiagra vs 105. It’s not a huge difference but if you don’t already have the compatible parts, it gives you a sense of what to buy. I would recomend the giant contend sl 1 disc a bit more expensive but i think worth it, if you want ride for at least tow years. Buying a new road bike is an incredible time, it’s one of the few purchases which takes you back to getting a new toy as a child. 1 of 2 Go to page. Read More » Bikes. GRX vs 105 groupset. TLDR: If the money is not going to be missed, go for 105. People have been stopping themselves with rim brakes for decades. Neither hubs are particularly light due to the steel freewheel. You get Tiagra shifters and derailleurs front and rear, a compact FSA Omega BB30 50/34 crankset and a 12-28 Tiagra 10-speed cassette. This can work both ways. An excellent point! It's safe to say Tiagra will be more than enough, and often times it can be much cheaper to get Tiagra, wear it out, then buy 105; than to buy 105, wear them out, then buy 105 again. When you are due for chain and cassette replacement switch to ultegra. December 2013 edited December 2013 in Road buying advice. In fact, it is very hard to distinguish between the new 105 and Ultegra. are all better bang for the buck. 2012 Tiagra vs. 2011 105 - advice needed please ASAP. A part from the obvious 10sp vs 11sp is there such a big difference between the two in performance and weight to make a noticeable difference. With a quality score of 9.1, Norco Threshold A Tiagra 2017 Cyclocross Bike features as one of the highest ranking products in the Cycling category. The 105 is smoother and more durable. TL;DR; Is the Shimano 105 REALLY that much better than the Tiagra? And what's better than "better than really good"? On groupset alone the difference between Tiagra and 105 is only about £45. A Shimano 105 groupset with a compact chainset and Giant’s own tubeless-ready wheels, tyres and finishing kit complete the package.The Synapse has been a popular choice for cyclists seeking comfort for long distance rides for a good few years. FULL REVIEW. And speaking of travel, the short-pull version that I tested worked noticeably better with Shimano’s 105 levers due to the latter’s increased cable travel. Using a 50/34 compact gearing, you can tackle even the steepest climbs with confidence. Transitions is of course, riding experience. I am fairly new to cycling. Am I really missing out? The Synapse Carbon 105 if a fully capable bike that is a very satisfying ride, albeit a bit downsized in frame dimension. Best Bikes for Short Riders Read More » Bikes. you bought the right bike and it doesn't really matter what group is on it. If someone dropped a 105 groupset in my lap, I'd install it without question, but I have zero complaints with my current Tiagra setup. With a quality score of 9.6, Shimano Tiagra BB-RS500 Bottom Bracket Cups features as one of the highest ranking products in the Cycling category. Obviously it will be cheaper, but I'm saying much cheaper -- often times they mark 105 bikes up way more than what the actual 105 components cost over Tiagra. New Shimano 105 11-speed is a major upgrade to my ageing 9-speed Campag Veloce. I really enjoyed everything about the TCR, but everyone SWEARS that the 105 is much better than Tiagra. I rode Tiagra for 3 years now and it is a good groupset but a bit susceptible, if you don´t want to ajust it every three months don´t buy it. esher shore. bicycle Can someone draw a portrait of this beautiful angel-minus my ... Reddit T-Shirt. Hi all, I am fairly new to cycling. Also, if you would sell the bike when upgrading, you will get a much better price for a 105. The biggest difference currently is that 105 is 11-speed and tiagra still 10-speed. Tiagra R4700 got an option for hydraulic disc brakes a few years back with a non-series 10sp set of RS405 levers, that used the much maligned, bulbous 105 hydro levers. :). The one noticeable difference I seen between Tiagra and 105 back about 5 years ago was the stupid thumb shifter on Tiagra but technology has trickled down and thats gone. Will it really matter much for me when I do the triathlon? May 9, 2016 at 7:51 pm . Earning Disclosure. Tiagra and below, despite being perfectly adequate for your first few sportives (probably all your sportives) ... IMHO 105 vs Ultegra should not play a determining factor in your decision. Share on Reddit; Email to a friend; This competition is now closed. I think OP would be fine with Tiagra, it's not that big of a difference. I have narrowed my selection down to 2 bikes and the main difference between the 2 bikes is the crankset. To put it bluntly, the benchmarks if you’re riding Shimano (and let’s face it, if you’re a first-timer or buying a budget bike, then you probably are) are Deore for mountain bikes and Tiagra for road bikes. Even Shimano makes the distinction, with this little grey line on its website: I know Cannondale is an elite cycling brand but Cube is also a great one. August 4, 2020 at 5:30 pm . 105 has better shifting and is 11 speed. No. The alloy bikes start at $999 (for the Disc Sora) and top out at $1,599 (for the Disc 105 SE). Shimano Tiagra 10-speed ergonomic R4720 disc brakes. However it just felt seamless to me. For me, if it were a choice between a bike with Sora and a bike with Claris, I'd go for the one that was a nicer colour. StanwaySteve62 Posts: 897. While lacking in glamour, Tiagra offers much of the same shift performance as 105 at much lower price. I've also seen a few 105 bikes going for the "non-group" Shimano RS500 crankset instead of the 105 crankset. Posts. I'd happily go new 105 for a good durable serviceable long life hub. For new bike purchases then, you will tend to see Tiagra specced on models priced at less than £1,250 (or on carbon frames a touch above that price level). The bike itself is great. bike That said, my ex had Tiagra on her bike, and it was just fine. Decathlon’s Van Rysel EDR AF 105 is a popular road bike because you get a really good parts package for the price, backed up with a decent frame that offers a fine ride. I'll probably upgrade to Ultegra eventually. 105 is better. chris_bass Posts: 4,913. ... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. The 105 and Ultegra groups are very familiar to users, Shimano should have made gravel variants using those names. While I do think that The Tiagra groupset was more than adequate, I notice a difference with 105. They are named simply based on what Shimano groupset they are using. I agree with that, I'm mostly curious from an engineering perspective. Member. The base model 2x8 Claris set up through 2x9 Sora, 2x10 Tiagra and 2x11 105 set up. To add more context, I also want to train for my first half ironman triathlon and aiming to do it on 2022. My main concern is the chainring size of the GRX which is 46/30. I have heard it said that to get a meaningful difference you need to skip one each time, so either: Tiagra is nice, I don't think you are really missing out. There's a common perception that 105 is right around that 'best bang for your buck' sweet spot. Norco Threshold A Tiagra 2017 Cyclocross Bike Quality Score – 91%. Here's my question. The CAAD12 Tiagra and 105 Disc all roll on Cannondale’s own wheels that feature sealed hub bearings and wide rims for the 25c tyres. Tyres are Schwalbe Lugano in a 28mm width. Xcountry or MTB benefit more from Disc brakes, as they require the hard stops more often. The 2016 Tiagra is pretty nice. I'm a 105 fan, and in general a believer of most product lines having a sweet spot of "best bang for your buck". tiagra vs 105 chainset. Stopping power in almost all situations on a road bike is limited by your tire, not your brakes. If you are unsure if cycling is for you and can see yourself upgrading in a few years, Tiagra is a fine choice. I totally agree that it costs an arm, a leg and then some, but it’s so smooth, precise and easy to use... Not to mention that you can have multiple triggers - for example on the base bars AND on the clip-on aero bars - at the same time. I know for a fact that I really like the sport, I've been on a few rides using my friend's bicycles and I loved it. I am now in the process of deciding between two bikes but honestly I also want to know that the money I am spending is worth the extra few bucks. And when bikemakers are looking to offer bikes that are actually affordable, Tiagra is … Thank you all for the comments, super useful. Anonymous Posts: … Rival is at least 105, Apex is more Tiagra but it’s nearly as good as 105 in my experience. Shimano 105 is a supremely trusty groupset, and the top-value cranks fit in perfectly: shimano 105 … I just bought a full Tiagra groupset for one of my bikes. The other consideration up to at least 105 level and arguably Ultegra, is longevity. I have lots of time on Shimano’s Ultegra and Dura Ace, and 105 performs almost the same, with just a slight reduction in crispness at the levers. I would recommend the Trek Domane AL5 - https://www.trekbikes.com/us/en_US/bikes/road-bikes/performance-road-bikes/domane/domane-al/domane-al-5-disc/p/33086/?colorCode=grey_black, It goes for about 1488 euros and has disc brakes and a 105 groupset. It was a tough choice between the Specialized Roubaix SL4 Sport and the Giant TCR Advanced 3. I usually use KMC chains anyway. If you don’t want to subscribe, please turn your ad blocker off. I was about to lobby for Tiagra, because I think it's a very good groupset, but 11 speed vs. 10 speed, and the Shimano bits on the 105 bike (cranks and brakes) make that a winner for the small difference in cost. It's not like they're going to immediately stop producing all 10-spd within the next year or two. By Jack Luke. Cannondale created a truly impressive ride in the Synapse Carbon 105. Maybe if I end up getting really serious about racing, I might. I’ve now been fortunate to own a bike with 105, Ultegra, and dura ace. Sums it up for me really, I replaced my Sora with 105 and still don't get the 'point' of tiagra. Shimano Tiagra vs 105—Is It Worth Upgrading? I Have a 9 y/old pair if Ultegra hubs that given and continue to give excellent service on minimal maintainance.

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